Workshop: Neo-provincialism: new life in dead and dying urban milieux


We would like to propose the term “neo-provincialism” to characterize a tendency within recent developments that maneuver in such a way so as to ameliorate the supposed problems of urban life by way of implementing something of a pre-industrial provincialism within the urban pysche and/or urban fabric.

We will host a knowledge-share workshop at MediaCities with the intent to chart out and complicate the terrain of neo-provincialism. This workshop will make possible a line of inquiry connecting cybernetics, urban agriculture, and neo-provincialism in relation to their adjacent spatial and xeno-spatial implications.

For more information:

Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert is an American-German artist and curator based in Berlin, Germany and Bordeaux, France. She is currently an assistant curator of the Maldives Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale on the theme of ecological romanticism.

Joseph Redwood-Martinez

Joseph Redwood-Martinez is an artist, writer, and filmmaker from the United States. He recently finished a feature-length documentary about an ecological restoration project in Haiti and is currently working on a documentary looking critically at the implications of urban agriculture in various cities around the world.