Workshop: Interactive Planning Istanbul



Traditional design and urban planning tools seem every day less adequate to deal with the complexity of contemporary cities, especially in the context of informal settlements. The aim of this workshop is to explore the emergent ecologies of interaction between socio-economical relationships and the structure of a city. This will be achieved through the creation of dynamic computational models, which will allow simulation of urban growth, and subsequently build up possible scenarios of development. The final goal is the construction of an “interactive planning” tool, that will enable tackling complex contemporary urban situations in a flexible way.

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Lila PanahiKazemi and Andrea Rossi

Lila PanahiKazemi and Andrea Rossi are two master students at the Dessau Institute of Architecture, where they are developing their thesis “Spatializing The Social” on computational design strategies for  informal areas. Lila holds an Architecture bachelor from Leeds Metropolitan University, where she also attended one year of MArch on bioregionalism. Andrea holds an Architecture bachelor from Politecnico di Milano and participated in various workshops on computational tools. Together they founded Co_Des, a peerToPeer educational group based in Dessau, organizing workshops on computational tools. Their works have recently been presented at the XIII Venice Biennale and at the EnCodingArchitecture conference at CMU Pittsburgh.