Exhibition: Street Ghosts


Street Ghosts

Life-sized pictures of people found on Google’s Street View are printed and posted at the same spot where they were taken. The posters are printed in color on thin paper, cut along the outline, and then affixed to the walls of public buildings at the precise spot on the wall where they appear in Google’s Street View image. Street Ghosts reveals several aesthetic, biopolitical, tactical and legal issues. The project has been featured worldwide on several mainstream and specialized media of photography, architecture and design. http://streetghosts.net/

Paolo Cirio

Paolo Cirio has unsettled Facebook, VISA, Amazon, Google, Cayman Islands and NATO, among others. He has won several awards such as Ars Electronica and Transmediale. His controversial projects are often covered by global media such as CNN, La Fox, The Age, Der Spiegel, Libération, Apple Daily HK, among many others.