Exhibition: City Lights Orchestra


City Lights Orchestra

City Lights Orchestra is an open visual symphony for the windows of the city. At night, each computer connected to internet illuminates the window of its office or of the home, and blinks, pulsates, beats, fades in and out, each according to its own score, but all in rhythm with all the others. The smartphones in the street do the same. Anyone can participate at any time : the symphony is composed to accept an unlimited number of participants. The whole city becomes the orchestra : both spectator and interpret of the visual symphony that is playing. It is a global city experience.

Antoine Schmitt

Visual artist Antoine Schmitt creates installations to address the processes of movement and to question their intrinsic problematics of plastic, philosophical or social nature. Programming is his main material. His work has received several awards and has been widely exhibited in international art festivals. He is represented by Galerie Charlot (Paris).